Instructions for entries in OPUS

General information

If you have any questions, please contact hochschulbibliografie.bib[at]

Be aware of the following information:

  • Always provide as much information as possible about your publication so that it can be clearly identified.
  • For inverted commas, apostrophes, etc., use the characters " or '. This ensures the greatest possible uniformity.


Please select the appropriate document type from the drop-down list. The most common document types are "Article", "Book" - associated "Part of a book" and "Conference Proceeding".

Special cases

  • Conference proceedings: If a publication has a connection to a conference, please enter the document type "Conference Proceeding", even if the document was published in a journal. In this way, the greatest possible uniformity can be established in OPUS. You can note the name of the conference in the field "Parent titles". As format you ideally use "[name of conference], year, city" (e.g. "BiblioCon, 2023, Hanover").
  • Reviews: For this, please use the document type "article" and note in the title: "Review of "[title]" by [author] (possibly edition, year)" (e.g. "Review of "Library Basics" by John Muller (9th edition, 2016)".
  • Patents: Please use the document type "Other" here and add "[Patent]" or "[Patent, patent nr.]" at the end of the title (e.g. "Symbol-matching between software versions [Patent, US-11803371-B1]").
  • Dissertations: If these have been published by a regular publisher, please assign the document type "Book" and add the note "zugleich Dissertation" in the field "Notes". Otherwise, assign the document type "Dissertation".
  • Other content types: Please use the document type "Other" here and insert the content type in square brackets at the end of the title (e.g. "My life's work [Interview]").

Upload document(s)

If you have the appropriate rights, you can upload files such as full texts for your publications here, but this is not mandatory. Please use a uniform file name for this: "[Last name]_Title word_Title word_(...).format". File names must not contain spaces or special characters and must not exceed 50 characters in total.


Please tick this box if you want your document to be added to the university bibliography. This is the case if the document was published when you were a professor / (research) assistant at the university. If the document originates from a previous period, please do not tick the box.


When adding a document to the bibliography, it is essential that you link an institution (faculty, institute, central institution). If the document does not belong to the bibliography, please do not specify an institution accordingly!

Granting a sample right of use

Please read the guidelines and tick the box.

(Next step)

Contact details of submitter

Please enter your contact details here. These will not be published and are for internal documentation purposes only.


Please select the language of your publication. If the language isn't available, please contact hochschulbibliografie.bib[at]


Please enter the author's data here. Please use no titles and the form that is also used for other publications (e.g. omitting a second name). If only the initials of the authors are known, please enter them with a "." (e.g. "M. Mustermann"). You can add further authors using the button on the right.


Please enter the title of your document here. If it is also available in another language, you can add another title in another language using the button on the right.


If your document has a subtitle, you are welcome to include it in the title field (separated by a "-"; there is a subtitle field, but it will not be very present in the final document).
If you would like to translate a title, but this is not an official title of the publication, please put it in the "Notes" field. The OPUS-admins can then transfer it to the special field "translated title".


This field does not need to be filled in, see Title / Caution.

Editors etc.

Please enter the names of the editors / persons involved here. You can add more names using the button on the right.

Parent title

Please enter the title of the parent work here, e.g. that of an anthology or journal. Please do not enter any editors in this field; you can note them in the "Notes" field. Please write out abbreviations (e.g. "Int'l" -> "International").

Year of publication

Please enter here the year of publication of the document in the format YYYY.

Volume [only for journal articles]

Please enter the year of the journal, i.e. in which year the journal is published.

Issue [only for journal articles]

Please enter the issue number here. Use only the number without any other information, unless this is necessary for identification (e.g. "Special Issue 2").

First Page [only for journal articles/collections]

Please enter the first page of your document.

Last Page [only for journal articles/collections]

Please enter the last page of your document.

ISSN [only for journal articles/journals]

Please enter here the ISSN of the journal (in which your document was published).

Edition [only for books]

Please enter here the edition of the document as it appears in the publication (e.g. "3rd rev. Ed.").

Place of Publication

Please enter the place of publication here. Please enter this in German and without any further details, unless this is necessary for clear identification, in which case please put it in brackets (e.g. "Amsterdam (New York)"). If more than one place of publication is given, please separate them with a space-dot-space (e.g. "Berlin ; New York").

Publisher [only for books]

Please state the publisher here. For this purpose, please use a common designation at your own discretion (e.g. "Birkenhäuser" instead of "Birkenhäuser Verlag AG"). If there is no publisher or the publication was self-published, please leave this field blank.


Please enter the number of pages of your document here. For this purpose, use only the number and no information such as "p." or "pages". Please refrain from using Roman numerals to describe the length of the leader.

ISBN [only for books]

Please enter the ISBN here, if available. Feel free to use the hyphens for this (e.g. "978-1-123456-78-9").


There are the fields "Participating entity" and "Originating entity". Please select the former field if an entity was only involved in the publication and the latter if it is also responsible for major parts of the content.

Publishing intitution

Can't be selected.

Institutes and faculty

Please enter your institution here, but only if your document belongs to the university bibliography (cf. Bibliography / Attention). To do this, first select between "institutes", "faculties" and "central institutions" and then press "down". Now you can make a detailed selection, which you confirm again by pressing "down".


Please select a series here and enter a volume number. If a series does not yet exist, please indicate it in the "Notes" field.


Please enter the abstract for your document here. You can also add abstracts in other languages by pressing the button on the right. Make sure that paragraphs and breaks are transferred correctly when you insert text.


If you upload a file, this is a mandatory field!


Please enter keywords for your document here. Please be careful not to write several keywords in one field, but first add a new keyword field using the button on the right.


Please enter a link to your publication here, if available. Preferably use a DOI. For DOI and URN, you must enter the corresponding prefix, as the field is always treated like a URL (e.g. instead of "10.1007/s44300" -> "".


Please select a licence for your document here. This is only necessary if you have uploaded a file.


Please enter here any comments on your document that you wish to share with the OPUS admins. By default, these are not issued publicly, please indicate it if an annotation is to be published.

Automated import of publications

If you have a publication list in an exchange format (e.g. BibTex, RIS), you are welcome to send it to us at hochschulbibliografie[at] We can then automatically import it into the OPUS server.

Please also send us the following information:

  1. Since when you have been working at the university (so that we can distinguish which publications are part of the university bibliography and which are not)
  2. Which faculty and possibly which institute you belong to - we can add this information to all documents during the import

Thank you for your help!